Hospital STAT 12-Lead


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The Hospital STAT 12-Lead is an easy to use visual aide designed to assist clinical healthcare providers with 12-Lead ECG interpretation. This simple to use tool will help you systematically read and interpret 12-lead ECGs printed from Philips, Medtronic and Zoll and Welch Allyn monitors.  

Hospital STAT 12-Lead

How does it work?

  How does it work? As you open the Hospital 12-Lead guide, you will see proper lead placement on both left and right sides of the chest. Once you have printed off the 12-lead from your monitor, place the 12-lead under the color-coded transparency. This will allow the 12-lead to become color-coded to correspond with the heart diagrams and coronary arteries at the bottom of the page.    Regardless of if you are a seasoned healthcare provider or a student in the classroom, the Hospital STAT 12-Lead product is a must for 12-lead ECG interpretation.   

  1. Easy-to-use
  2. Can be placed on any 12-lead ECG
  3. Systematic approach to looking at and identifying abnormalities within a 12-lead ECG   
  4. The back reference page will assist the user in identifying acute changes in the 12-lead ECG including the following.  

  • Injury (STEMI), 
  • Ischemia (Non-STEMI)
  • Infarction      (MI)

Easy recognition of both right (RBBB) and left (LBBB) Bundle Branch Blocks.    

Heart axis deviation diagram to help visualize  

  • Left Anterior Fascicular Block (LAFB)
  • Left Posterior Fascicular Block (LPFB)
  • Both right and left Axis Deviation  

Why should I use this product?

Regardless if you are a seasoned nurse in a busy Emergency Room or a student in the classroom, the Hospital STAT 12-Lead product is the perfect fit for 12-lead ECG interpretation. Whether you are just learning about 12-Lead ECGs or you have in-depth knowledge, this product won’t let you down. Order your Hospital STAT 12-Lead today.

Hospital STAT 12-Lead

How the Hospital STAT12-Lead works.